Today I finished what I started few weeks back. I'd lay this out as my first real clip/edit, as I'm usually doing either full movies, fragshows or highlights this is the first of it's kind. I hope you'll like it.

When I first started the "Mitat Akalin" project this was what I came up with. I had kinda already lost motivation when Mitat told me that he would rather have a very simple movie, which worked out perfectly.

Yes, it is finally here! The first project of mine I was actually happy with throughout the whole process of making. I have twice before edited the frags of Finn "karrigan" Andersen, one ended up canceled and the other one as an insignificant mini movie. Today I am proud to present to you a movie worth the content that Finn has so very often blessed me with, without getting much in return. Today I am proud to release this final movie of karrigan, in honor of the fantastic player himself. As for the title, we have both come to realize that Counter-Strike 1.6 is dead, so this will probably be the last official movie of the great Dane.

My first and only paid project. I was asked to create fragmovies for Domenik.tv and took on “keiz fragshow” as my first project. I created the movie in roughly 10 days and I was actually pretty happy with the result. I did however decide to leave Domenik.tv beacuse I didn’t wish to make any more movies for money.

I had been working on this project for my friend Mitat for quite some time when I lost motivation and quite frankly was not at all satisfied with what I had made so far. Therefore I decided to re-make the whole thing and make a very, very simple movie instead. I used less than 48 hours making this very basic frag movie.

This is a collection of my incomplete, never released and canceled clips.
Even at this day I still think a good percentage of this is pure garbage. However, I do feel shame about canceling some of the projects – specially part 8, 9 and 10.

My first and only release in errormedia, whom I left in favour of Authentic-Pictures.
Despite all the attention this little movie actually got, it was never meant to be serious (hence the unserious style).

This is my second kz movie starring Daniel ‘radon’ Houmann showing off his skills on default CS maps.
I was really happy about the release of this movie back in late 2008 – and it is still one of my personal favorites.

From the very beginning of my moviemaking career I was insecure of my own work and was unable to see the values that other people did. That was the main reason of countless canceled projects, resulting in this movie from 2008 being my first real official release, even though I started moviemaking nearly 6 years prior to that.
As with everything I made, I did not like this film, but it did end up in the spotlight and people seemed to really love it.

The film stars baengan, fury, rirre, peppo and molander and their highlights in team “gamecenter”.

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